You can play a major role in ending the death penalty by becoming a Torchbearer of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. Torchbearers helped to build an unprecedented partnership of 15 national organizations with a combined network of more than 49 million people. They are helping efforts to repeal the death penalty in Kansas. Torchbearers are building a strong and diverse constituency for ending the death penalty in Florida. The more people that we can engage as activists, the sooner the death penalty will end. It’s that simple.


Your monthly donation of:
$25 per month will allow us to reach thousands of people each month through social media

$35 per month
 will help us double the number of national organizations joining the effort to end the death penalty, exponentially expanding our reach

$50 per month
 will help us more than double the number of people working to end the death penalty in states like Florida where executions remain a common fact of life.


Every social justice movement is blessed with visionary people who hear the call for justice well before others. They embrace the challenge, making the sacrifices necessary to achieve the goals of their mission. Torchbearers are the visionaries of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. Your support is building the momentum for abolition.  You’re helping us build partnerships with national organizations that can reach millions. Policymakers cannot ignore our numbers and will be compelled to make a change.


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